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The Warehousing ecosystem needs a true, real-time spot market allowing dynamic sharing of space. The system just isn't right. For companies who need space, it takes too long to find it and rigid terms constrict flexibility. For companies who own or operate warehouses, it's tough to efficiently maximize space utilization. The system must change and we know just how to do it better. Warehouse Exchange is the first truly automated warehousing marketplace connecting buyers and sellers directly in real time.


Our unique platform allows warehouse operators to configure facilities, publish space and manage availability and pricing over time. Buyers instantly access a digital network to search for space using our proprietary matching algorithm to curate and rank results based on needs. To reduce time, we use a secure, automated virtual handshake to seal the deal. The seamless process has no formal RFP's with technology as the middle man, making it the first of its kind and the most efficient marketplace in the warehousing industry. To learn more, please see our tutorials section below.

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Buyers of space


To help you manage overflow and overcome unforeseen circumstances, we have a wide network of warehouse operators for you to connect with DIRECTLY. You can simply create an account on our platform and search for a listing based on your needs. Our warehouse sellers provide a broad range of storage methods, inbound and outbound services, value added services and more. Just fill in your requirements and within seconds, our algorithm will generate the best matches for you. Learn how to quickly create your own account, search and reserve a space through our step by step tutorial videos below. 


sellers of Space


Excess space deteriorates capacity utilization and directly impacts your bottom line. Warehouse Exchange offers you the opportunity to list your facilities and increase your return on assets by digitally managing your capacity over time. Through our automated dashboards and invoicing, you can securely and easily publish and rent out your space and increase productivity along the way. Our tutorials videos below show you how to setup your account and publish your space.